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Cho Oyu
Gokyo Ri
Gokyo  Ri Lake as viewed from Gokyo Ri (hill).
There are 5 main lakes in total of which this one is the third and the  
main reason why people come here.
A tourist at the top of Gokyo Ri around 5350m alt.
A new slim line me with Cho Oyu behind the 6th highest peak in the world at 8,201m
This photo is taken from a ridge above the base camp and is around 5400m. 
I did it in a long and very hard day trip from Gokyo. I was constantly feeling tired having trekked
more than 2700Km in the Himalaya and maybe run down. I was also taking more antibiotics
in the hope that I could rid myself of yet another infection. I'm not sure if the drugs worked or not.
I was spending a small fortune on food trying to re-energise but nothing seemed to work.
The one thing I wasn't prepared to do was rest until I'd knocked off Everest BC and got back to Kathmandu.
Being both mentally and physically run down often means that illness is not always as it firsts appears and
medication is really a last ditch to right oneself not wanting to admit that maybe it's time to go home to mummy!
These porters are carrying their loads on a tough climb before Namche Bazzar.
Porters working for the trekking companies appear to carry less weight (around 25-30Kg)
compared to the freelance porters who carry upto 90-100Kg. Well above their body weight.
It's common to see them carrying little old ladies in their baskets as it's the only means
the get the sick to a doctor.
Yaks (or more likely cross breeds) carrying loads through a village.