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Everest Marathon Part 2
All dressed up and nowhere to go. The day before the race a mock start is held for the press to
allow them to run their photos back to Kathmandu in time for race day. We all line up and run in
slow motion for the cameras.
Around six of the main bunch bought each other objects that they had to carry upto basecamp and
if they ever forgot to carry their object, even for a second then they had to carry everybodys object
for the next hour. It was funny watching them crawl outfrom their tents in the morning heading for
the toilet while carrying a mask etc. The Kiwi above carried his heavy wooden mask during the
marathon and not only thathe carried a carrier bag full of rubbish he collected from basecamp.
Maybe the dreds did something to his brains....
Surveying the start line.

Coca Cola signs were everywhere at the start line as they wre the major sponsor.
All of our food came from this one tent. I don't know how they managed it but they did.
It was getting a little bit messy by the end.
Inside our mess tent during afternoon tea.

Finishing the marathon.