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Welcome to India

Back in India (yet again). 43C and mega humidity....

Only a few photos of Delhi because I've only been here 24hrs and I've already got the dreaded Delhi belly, so I've not been able to go farther than a short sprint from my guesthouse:).
Street scene in Parharganj 

Staying in the travellers haven of Parharganj. As you can see from the above photo it's a hell of a lot different from Bangkok.
Everytime I stay in Delhi things are exactly the same as when I was last here.
Rooms are the same price as in BKK but rether lacking in cleanliness....see below!


Navarang Guesthouse
 My room in the lovely Navarang Hotel

Using the right hand side bed for sleeping and the left side for storage. Woke up to find bed bugs on the left bed so I've had to put my sleeping bag in the sun in case it's become infected. Dehli belly and bed bugs within 24hrs....aren't I the lucky one...?
At least the locals are as friendly as ever. Just walking around with a camera will result in endless requests for photos and no requests for money.


Delhi Kids
 Local kids in Parharganj

Off upto Shimla ,the summer capitol of British India tonight by bus. Can't wait to leave here and hopefully I'll make it there without any accidents....and I don't mean crashes!