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India/Pakistan Border Ceremony 2
OK....hands up who's farted?
The flags are then folded perfectly, ready to be escorted away.
It looks as if the overwhelming Indian crowd is singing itself to victory today....BUT....all that suddenly changes as the Indian gaurds march double time towards the gates and one of them slips and lands on his backside. His face suddenly changes from a menacing scowl to a rather embarrassed grin.

Flags are lowered and kept level to show mutual respect
He's just scored an own goal and ignited the small Pakistani crowd who's hysterical laughs grow into incredibly loud chants and whistles. I'm sure the Indian guy on his arse will be in for some ribbing over the next few days....
The flags are escorted away to cheers from both sides. More syncronised dancing takes place and finally a last handshake before the gates are closed for the final time and the show is over for another day. We are ushered away but can't quite believe what we have just witnessed.

The Indian crowd rocks to catchy Hindi tunes belted out from the disco speakers.
In comparison the Pakis shout Alah and Alah Akbar (god is great)...Mnnnn....
But I want more. I want to see it from the India side. I want to feel the Indian buzz so I cross the border the next day to do just that.
Again there are five of us and it's a Saturday so it's fuller than usual. We arrive early and join the already significant que/crush. There are two Isreali girls with us and they force some breathing space around them. We whiteies are attracting a fair bit of attention. There are two sets of gates, one small and one big and the small ones are opened and a massive crush begins to get through them and several small children start to cry in the midst of it.

Crossing the border from Pakistan means entering a bright and
energetic colourful new land...Indiia....
This is India of course. The ceromony takes place everyday and yet no crowd control or precautions are taken to prevent such problems. We all force our way through. The space the Israelis were given before is soon gone and the Indian guys use it as a free-for-all Israeli groping session....very typical India.
We then march towards the border where one walk through metal detector and two soldiers try to ensure the security of the area. Of course everyone walks around the detector.... India....
Oh I say old boy....rather a jolly fine moustache you have there....
More queing and pushing follows before we are allowed to enter the arena.
It's great walking in there as the Hindustani discopop music belts out. We get into the VIP box with the rest of the tourists for the best view available. But even here the view is lousy. The Indian gates are hung on grand three foot square gate posts and at each side of these are large brick sentry posts and to make things worse the street lamps also block the view. The Indian stadium is also further away from the gates due to the overwhelming crowd numbers on the Indian side. The atmoshphere might be good but thats all the Indian side has going for it.
With chests stuck out and feathers in the hat it looks like a pair of tits
fighting for supremacy....
The crowd are charged up with cries of Hindustan ( India) from the loud speakers to which they chant zindabad (long live). The Pakistanis also chant the same (but long live Pakistan of course) but it doesn't have the same effect with no loud speakers and a small crowd.
The ceromony begins but it all seems so far away compared to the Pakistani side. It's still amusing of course but so much of the spectacle is missed on this side and after it's all finished I leave a little dissapointed but still glad to have seen it.
The Indian uniforn seems more glamorous than the plain Pakistani one.

After all the foot stamping and shouting they shake hands...
The shows over for another day.