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Indian Road Signs
While travelling through the Indian Himalaya one notices an awful lot of quite amusing road signs often painted on the sides of the rocks.
Eventually I had to start taking photos of  these as I think most cyclists do. The signs are also a talking point at night amongst the travelers.
It's also becomes fun to try and spot the signs as you whizz around the roads!
In order to fully understand why they say seemingly obscure things you have to remember that Indians believe in Kharma.
That is ones time is up when your number comes up and there's nothing you can do about it.
Therefore it actually makes no difference if you drive without headlights around blind bends on the wrong side of the road at night time
because your life is already planned out before you arrive!
                                    Sign just before landslip area                                                                                                                                   Sign just after the land slip area.
Many Indian truck drivers drink and drive at night time to help them stay awake.
They will often drive easily in excess of 16hrs without a break or on back-to-back assignments.
In fact if one takes a 24hr bus journey you will almost certainly have one one driver for the whole trip!!!!
To make it worse there are roadside alcohol shops trying to get the truckies business.
Many locals don't drive at night because of these problems.


The use of the horn in India cannot be understood by most travelers.
They will drive with bare tyres and dodgy brakes but NEVER would
they dream about setting off on a journey without the damn bleeding horn working!
Might is also right in India. If you are in a auto rickshaw and a speeding truck horns
at you you have less than 2 seconds to move out of the way otherwise you'll be
splattered everywhere!


A very popular sign.                                              
If an accident occurs and a person is killed (or even worse it's a cow!) then the driver will flee
the scene as lynch mobs appear quickly and sort out the offender.
This will even include the bus conductor it involves a bus. a packed speeding local bus not one single person will ask the driver to slow down or even better 
kick his head in before he kills anyone. One must remember this is India.
Life is cheap and petty action is taken only after needless deaths have been lost!
                  I long for my lost lover.  Speeding he went in the river.                                                                                                                   Mnnnn....speeding safely!