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Annapurna Base Camp Trek (ABC)
Pokhara bus park with Machhapuchhare mountain in the distance that dominates
the Pokhara skyline.. Machhapuchhare is more
commonly known as the fishtail due to it's fishtail looks from the Annurpurna trek.  
Taking the bus to the start point of the ABC trek, sitting on the roof is the
best place to be. A little bit of excitement.
Lovely tourist huts at 4112m at ABC. The ABC trek is only 50Km in distance but takes around
5 days to reach due to the steep climb and altitude. Lodges and tea shops line the route
making it a simple "Mickey Mouse" trek. Accommodation is tight and porters run ahead in the morning
taking all the rooms for their guests. If one arrives late then you have to sleep in the  dining room.
At the so called Annurpurna Base Camp with Annurpurna 1 behind
and a crashed helicopter.
Taking a side trip from ABC. Up another 560m to reach 4760m to the snow line with awesome
views of Machhapuchhare behind. Made ABC in 2 days from the start point at Naya Pul. 
That's about 3900m altitude gain with no acclimitisation and no problems.
Had a couple of races with the porters up and down the trek. The porters love it as much as I do
but they have more weight and only wear flip flops so I think I have a slight advantage. 
The porters have to be seen to be believed. All the weight is carried across the forehead
and I saw one porter carrying and old woman sat in a basket down the mountain. Thats 
more than 50Kg across the forehead
Clouds rolling in below at ABC.