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Horse Racing in Manang Village on the Annapurna Trek.
Village near Manang on the way to Tilicho Lake.
The houses are solar oriented and have few windows to the biting wind. 
Far ahead of Australia in theis respect!
Porter doing it hard on the climb to Tilicho Lake . A few minutes before this shot
I was taking a breather facing the same direction when I heard a noise behind,  I turned
quickly as I knew there was nothing when I stopped and just as I turned a plate sized
rock flew past my head about 1 meter closing near death experience ever....
The "F" word was mentioned a few times as well:)
The scenery may be awesome but there is a Tundra like wind
blowing icey particles around. I have crampons on but the porters 
struggle on along the track (behind the true left of my head). The porters are
also amazed that I am trekking without a guide/porter and to
be honest so am I!  I can't read a map to save my life and follow
any footsteps or take a rest while a trekking group overtake and
show me the way. Amazingly on this trek there are good sign post
 giving directions.

The amazing Tilico Lake at 4920m. Although sold as the highest lake in the world on some maps
it's a fair way down the list. It may be a combination of the highest and biggest?
Heading down to the Meshokanto Pass on the Dhaulagiri Trek. Campers in the middle
of the picture.  I didn't realise at the time what lay ahead at the pass and why everyone
was stopping here. Then I hit the slussy Meshokanto pass as the sun was setting and 
it totally blew me away. More than 200m of fixed ropes and a crazy incline. I nearly shat
my pants and  couldn't get my ice axe out quick enough.
At the base of the pass Iused my bivy bag for the first time and spent 14hrs in the damn thing
getting a decent sleep at over -10C. Woke in the morning with froozen boots outside and
tunrned them upside down on my stove to thaw them but ended up setting them alight:)
Don't worry, I've since exchanged them for a new pair under warranty at the North face
shop in Kathmandu:):):)
Dhaulagiri Mountain as seen from the Meshokanto Pass.