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To Nepal
Lush green terraced fields in the Uttarakand provence of India, near western Nepal.


School kids following me uphill for over half an hour. A common practice. 
They run away when the camera comes out.

Chai Wallah. He also makes half decent omlettes for brekkie....
Mountain storms
Collecting water from a hillside stream. I have to do this about 5 times per day.
I treat the water with my Steripen, a battery operated ultra violet light that destroys
the DNA of anything living inside the water without the use of chemicals.
This method saves endless plastic bottles and keeps the taste in the water which
tastes soooo good. The Steripen is my most valued gadget.
Distant snowy Himalayan mountains around 3 days walk from the Nepalese border.
This is what I've been waiting for after 1800Km walking across India with my trolley. 
A damn fine sight and I'm sure they were as excited to see me as I was to see them!
Health and safety on a steam roller in India. The roller is actually moving and as I
passed the kid had his feet rubbing on the rear wheel....unbelievable!