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Arrived in Amritsar and felt like I'd come to another country. I was back in the real India. No more peace and quiet, just heaps of noise and pollution.

Cycled through the streets dripping with sweat. Turns out it's monsoon season but with no monsoon....hence why the clouds are hanging around in a strange fashion!

Amritsar Kids
Children packed onto cycle rickshaws ready for home.

I check into the Golden Temple. Anyone can stay here for 3 days and 3 nights for free including food! It's very basic and noisy but good fun.

The Golden temple itself is awesome. You enter the temple and walk around the pool (pool of nectar) while listening to live and continous readings (lively chants) from the Sikhs holy book that is accompanied by hipnotic beats of table and accordian type instruments.

(more photos to come)

Gaurdian of the Pool
 Guarding the Pool of Nectar at the Golden Palace, Amritsar.
It's great just to sit and slip into a daydream by the pool while listening to the music. But as usual the peace doesn't last long as the frindly locals come for a chat.
The temple itself is covered in gold (paid for by the Sikhs of Birmingham) and inside is just too incredible. It's small and itricately decorated and again is all gold in colour. On the floor sits the musicians and singer/reader. Everyone is pushing and singing along in a lively hum as they enter. Again there is lots of good energy here.

Amritsar Pilgrims
Pilgrims entering the Temple grounds


The Golden Temple 
The Golden Temple in the middle of the Pool of Nectar.
Constsant reading from the book of the Sikhs make to pool holy. 
Only Sikhs are allowed to bath.


Gaurdian of the Pool
Another gaurdian of the pool


Entering the Temple
Mostly Sikh pilgrims que to enter the Temple, chanting as the do so.
Whatever your religion one feels energy with unity here.