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Kashmir Flowers
Soooo....I'm walking down the pass towards Gadsar to which my infromation says "today we wlak through a bottonists paradise". Mnnn I though as I looked around eagerly for masses of fantastic flowers. Ok....I'm travelling a little towards the end of the season to see bountiful springtime blooms of which I was expecting, but at least there were a few of the old weeds still left around (the story of my life so far:)
I'd seen every other tourist shooting endless flower pics so I thought I'd better take a few as well as I'm trying to shape myself into the perfect traveller, revered by all who carry the Lonely Planet.
I walked and snapped and snapped a few more for good measure.
BUT....then I got this horrible voice inside my head....hang on Kev what the heck are you doing you know full well that taking photos of flowery things is for gays and puftas old lad.
I flicked the little devil off my shoulder and listened to Gladys (the angel on my other shoulder) who told me that I was doing a just and noble thing and that my morals were high and my heart in the right place. This pissed Barry (the devil) off who jumped back on my shoulder, dusting himself off as he did so "Ah" he said with a dodgy knowing all smile, "what about if them Taylor brothers find out you've been taking puffy flower pics, they'll make your life hell, they've already got you down as batting for the other side"?!, he laughed knowing I had no defence, planted one on Gladys and dissapeared in a flash, synging the hairs in my ears as he did so.
My only comment "Bugger them Taylor Brothers"....