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Jiri to Lukla Trek
The town of Jiri. Once the major trail head for folk trekking to Everest basecamp.
Now it sees a tiny fraction of the trekkers it used to. The trek from Jiri to Lukla
(the new start for the Everest trek) is 6/7 days tough walk away with a daily
accumulated altitude gain of over 1000m.  It's noisy in the morning with busses
and trucks peeping before 6am. 

Distant mountain views on the first day of trekking. May is the off season for trekking and the cloud
builds up quickly in the morning hiding the views. We were also waking at 5am and walking by 6am 
to beat the heavy afternoon rains that pored from around 2pm.
Typical views from the Jiri trek. Green rolling hills.
Sheltering on a high pass at lunch time waiting out the storm. We all met on the mini bus from Kathmandu 
to Jiri and met up most nights and often along the trail.
Resting for tea and biscuits. The guesthouses are still plentyful along the route despite the lack of
tourists. You can almost count on having the guesthouse to yourself in early May.

What a woolly hat looks like before it gets processed.
Local grubby kid. It's impossible to keep them clean out here. Note the dry skin.
Met these two Indians trying to cycle from  Karnartaka in India to Everest base camp. Our group greeted
them like heroes as they struggled up a 2000m climb.  They were very proud that they had the latest
in 5 speed technology. Little did they know that cycles are not allowed into the Everest National Park. 
I never saw them again.
Prayer wheels and mani walls just below Lukla